About ICE-LOC®


Part of a series of tests conducted by a top National Laboratory, this video shows clear schedule 40 PVC pipes put under freezing conditions as the chamber is slowly lowered to - 40°. Only the pipe protected with ICE-LOC® passes the deep freeze test, while the unprotected pipe catastrophically ruptures

Although ICE-LOC® helps prevent pipe rupture when frozen, you should always continue to insulate your pipes where insulation is required and follow proper plumbing procedures.  ICE-LOC® is not a source of heat and will NOT prevent pipes from freezing.

ICE-LOC® is a proprietary silicone elastomer approved by the FDA that helps prevent frozen pipes from bursting. When pipes freeze, if the ice doesn't have a place to expand, the path of least resistance is to burst a pipe or a fitting. Electric heat cable/pipe wrap is useless during an ice storm or other power interruption. Never use substitute rubber materials. Most will saturate with water when a freeze occurs. The saturated rubber will then freeze and fragmented rubber may damage your plumbing. Our Product is Made of a proprietary formula exclusive to Ice-Loc®
The elastomer is made from a  formula that is excellent for abusive harsh water applications. The material is a PROPRIETARY formula that withstands multiple ice crushing freeze cycles without falling apart in your pipes. The anchor clip is made from 316 stainless spring steel alloy.

Every year people spend millions of dollars repairing damages caused by ruptured pipes. ICE-LOC® saves thousands of dollars on home and business water damage and prevents the loss of irreplaceable items.


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